Prozac is like the typical antidepressant, the one you think of when you think depression. I had really high hopes for this one. my doctor had said that “If Zoloft doesnt work, Prozac works”. It didnt. After two weeks of feeling nothing, I went up on my dose. In a way, Prozac was just as scary as Zoloft. It took me a week to realize I felt more depressed. It was a creepy, gradual worsening that snuck up behind me.

Other side effects I had were insomnia and horrible stomach aches which resulted in loss of appetite.


3 thoughts on “Prozac

  1. That’s one of the many crappy parts of depression: what will help one person will not help another. The only way we can figure out what will help is by doing things the hard way, trial and error. As if living with depression wasn’t bad enough, already!
    Good luck with your journey!

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